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Background info about Aaron

          I'm Aaron Whitfield. I'm 19 years old and I was a Boy Scout in Troop 99. I like computers a lot and do fairly well in school. I enjoy Boy Scouts a bunch. I used to be a scout when I was 12, but hated it and quit. Then, I began to work with my partner and best friend, Omar, for hours every day on Boy Scout requirements. We met at Camp Kern, August 1997, and ever since we have worked together until we became Eagles. We both wanted to receive all of the merit badges that there are. I am an Eagle Scout currently having 56 merit badges earned. For my Eagle Project I made repairs for a cementary. I am served as Troop Guide, Senior Patrol Leader (twice), and a Den Chief. I love Scouts very much as it is the best program that there is. I wish you all good luck.

Background info about Omar

This part is in Spanish. Translation follows.

          Soy Omar Venegas. Tengo 15 años y soy un Boy Scout de la Tropa 99. Las cosas que me gusta hacer son trabajar en los Boy Scouts y jugar soccer. He recivido mi ranca de águila. Mis parches favoritos son todos pero más Canasta, Oreintación, Nudos, Metal, Madera, y Cuero. Ahora, en este momento, yo tengo la ranca de vida. Yo tengo 2 años trabajando en el programa de los Boy Scouts. Hasta ahora he recibido 60 parches.


          I'm Omar Venegas. I'm 15 years old and am a Boy Scout in Troop 99. The things that I like to do are work on Boy Scouts and play Soccer. I have received the rank of Eagle. My favorite merit badges are all of them but the ones I like most are Basketry, Orienteering, Pioneering, Metal Work, Wood Work, and Leather Work. At this time, I have the Life Rank. I have been working for 2 years in Boy Scouts. As of now I have 60 Merit Badges.

Translated by: Aaron

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